Want to bet on CS GO but know squat about the game?

I am going to take you through the BASICS of CS GO. This is literally not for anybody that played CSGO even once. I suggest fanobet as your first bookie – they have a nice bonus code as well.

If you have –  you will have to find another guide than this.

When do you win?

Competitive CSGO are teams of five. A match is best of 30 rounds (excluding overtime). Once a team reaches 16 rounds, they win. There are different maps that you can play on (see it as different play fields just as golf). Teams often have different practice time on each map, and might favorize on map over another.

fanobet betting dust2


As of 28 January 2016, the active map pool (the maps that can be played during events that you will be able to bet on) are:

  • Dust2
  • Cache
  • Cobblestone
  • Overpass
  • Mirage
  • Nuke
  • Train

If all 30 rounds are played, each team will play 15 rounds on the Terrorist side and 15 rounds on the Counter-Terrorist side.

The terrorists win a round if they kill all Counter-Terrorists (CT) or planting a bomb (and protecting it until it explodes).

The CTs wins if they either kill all terrorists before the bomb is planted or defuses the bomb. A third way to win is that the terrorist cannot plan until the round-time is over.

The main weapons you need to know about on the terrorist side is the AK-47, AWP, Tec-9, P-90, Mac-10 and Galil. On the CT side, you will find M4A4, AWP, Famas, CZ-75 and P-90. But make sure to know which weapons exist and which player is good with which weapon.


You need to know that the economy of each team plays a very relevant role in the outcome of the game. With good strategies, you can break down your opponent’s economy winning more rounds. For instance, if a team wins the first round (called the pistol round) you have a good chance of winning additional two rounds as it will take the opponents that long to save up for a full-buy.

Full-buy – Armour and the rifles they need.

Full-eco – Not buy anything but maybe a flash bang.

Force-buy – The team buys what they can afford. If you lose this round you will be broke.

Ready to bet?

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